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Try our award winning system that uses behavior tickets for kids to solve child behavior problems. You really can stop bad child behavior now!

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Use the Ticket Store Game as a tool to help improve your child’s behavior at home and at school.

Are you a parent having trouble getting your child to listen? Are you tired of bad behavior? Are you a teacher trying to find a reasonable and affordable method to manage child behavior in your school class? We have developed a fun way to help with child behavior problems. Because we have developed our game system, we help you get better behavior in a more interesting and rewarding way than using a child behavior chart or other behavior improvement method. Get started today and change your child’s behavior one ticket and one reward at a time.


Our traditional boxed game is available for $24.95, plus shipping and processing. You get all of the tools necessary to use the system in one box- tickets, banks, rewards cards and the game board. Set it up and get the process started! Be secure-all payments are processed through the secure Paypal network using your Paypal account or a credit card.


If you are tired of putting up with child behavior problems and are looking for an alternative to child discipline that will reinforce good behavior, we have the right system to help. Why not make the process of getting better behavior a little more fun? In our behavior improvement system, we provide many of the elements that are recommended by experts to help with child behavior problems: earning tickets for good behavior, earning more tickets for listening when asked the first time to do something, saving tickets, getting rewards selected by the player (approved by you) and providing positive feedback and encouragement. The game system also incorporates anti-bullying tasks, acts of kindness and community service, as well as ordinary tasks of daily life which help kids to build core values. We have wrapped those features into the fabric of our system. Many parents and teachers have made their own systems using some of these concepts. We have simply put them all in one package so that you have an easy and complete system to help improve your child’s behavior. Of course, your participation in the process is crucial to the success of the game system. As with most things, the results you get out depend on the effort you put in. Our behavior improvement system gives you the tools for success. Try it today!


Studies going back to 1969 have demonstrated that using tickets and rewards in schools is an effective tool to increase on task performance of good behavior and reduce classroom disruptions. Many child behavior experts and psychologists suggest systems using rewards, tickets, tokens and “catching your child being good” to create positive reinforcement for good behavior. Child behavior is a complex issue, but many experts agree, using a system like the Ticket Store Game can really help children behave better. For more information about how the game can help, and links to other sources of information and articles on child behavior, read our Other Benefits page and our blog.


We all strive to be the best parents and teachers that we can be, and to raise our children with family values and a sense of respect. There is no fool-proof method for making kids listen and behave. We need a strategy for changing behavior in our kids. We at the Ticket Store Game want to be part of that strategy. There are many opinions and methods on how to improve child behavior. Our approach is straight forward: we offer a vibrant, interesting game system that is easy to use to get your children to respond better. We do that by creating positive consequences through earning tickets and receiving rewards for good behavior.

We all face challenges when raising and educating our children. We want to help with those challenges by providing a fun way to better behavior for your kids!

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