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Improve Your Child's Behavior!


Kids earn tickets for good behavior.

When kids are asked to do something, and they do it the first time, or when they do their chores without having to be asked, they get 3 tickets.

If they have to be asked more than once, the number of tickets is reduced.
Earning tickets becomes important to your kids.


Because they can use the tickets to "buy" rewards that they want from the ticket store game board.

The better their behavior, the more tickets they earn and the more rewards they can receive.

Watch the change occur before your eyes!

That’s the Ticket Store Game. The fun way to better behavior for your kids.

OMG! We just got the game last night and my kids have brushed their teeth, hair, took out the garbage and made their beds!
--Alyssa G. of Parkland, Florida


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Now being played in more than 10 countries and counting.
Available worldwide through our web site.
Also available at select retailers:

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