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What are people saying?

"OMG! We just got the game last night and my kids have brushed their teeth, hair, took out the garbage and made their beds!"
--Alyssa G. of Parkland, Florida

"What a great game! My daughter loves the tickets and she has become very motivated by earning them and buying the rewards. Thanks for coming up with this!"
--Scott K. of Miami, Florida 

"I am not going to tell you I like it because I love it."
--Tatyianna Z(age 6) of Lehighton, Pa.

"My wife and kids love the game. We are playing it every day." 
--Mark B of Boca Raton, Florida

"What a find!! The Ticket Store Game is an outstanding tool to motivate children towards good behavior. As a family and child therapist, as well as a school psychologist for over forty years, I often looked for creative ways to help parents teach their children to be responsible and well behaved. The Ticket Store Game utilizes basic behavior modification techniques in a creative and fun way. What makes it stand out, besides its artistic appeal, is the way it provides a forum for children to feel in control of their environment. This teaches the most important life skills of being competent and independent, leading to improved feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. Not only is this product ideal for home use, but I can see it utilized by teachers in schools as a method to motivate children to improve their classroom behavior and increase individual participation, leading to better grades and learning experiences."
-- Susan A. Psy.D.

"I am a certified teacher in the Pennsylvania public school system. I feel this product is great in the educator's classroom. It helps to engage and motivate students both academically and behaviorally. The kids love the sense of reward they receive from a job well done!"
-- Sharon B of Pennsylvania

"The game came yesterday and I set it up last night. We introduced it to our son today and he is motivated! :) He actually asked us to teach him how to make his bed."
-- Jennifer S.

"Thank you so much for sending me the game... the kids are LOVING it! I've already given away the extra games and would like you to send more. Once I tell people about the game, they want to give it a tryl!"
-- Stacey A. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada