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Improve Your Child's Behavior!

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Kids earn tickets for good behavior.

When kids are asked to do something, and they do it the first time, or when they do their chores without having to be asked, they get 3 tickets.

If they have to be asked more than once, the number of tickets is reduced.
Earning tickets becomes important to your kids.


Because they can use the tickets to "buy" rewards that they want from the ticket store game board.

The better their behavior, the more tickets they earn and the more rewards they can receive.

Watch the change occur before your eyes!

That’s the Ticket Store Game. The fun way to better behavior for your kids.

How It Works

Improve Child Behavior

The Ticket Store Game has been designed to help your children to learn to listen and behave. If you have been looking for child behavior help to solve your child's behavior problems, you have come to the right place.  Simply put, your children earn tickets for good behavior and use those tickets to "buy" rewards from the Ticket Store Game board.  Your children will earn more tickets if they listen and do what is asked of them the first time you ask. For example, if your child listens and acts the first time he or she is asked to do something, your child is rewarded with three tickets. If your child has to be asked a second time, he or she is rewarded, but only with two tickets. This is a progressive system that encourages good behavior the first time. More importantly, as the game progresses, you will find that your children will do positive things without being asked, so that they earn tickets. The Ticket Store Game is not a child improvement chart, rather it is an interactive game that promotes child behavior modification to solve child behavior problems.

How Tickets Are Earned

Your children can be rewarded for their good behavior both at home and at school! For example, if your child makes his or her bed without being asked, he or she will earn three tickets. If your child brushes his or her teeth in the morning or at bed time without being asked, he or she will earn three tickets. If your child finishes all homework for the day, he or she will earn three tickets. The list goes on and on. The Ticket Store Game is a positive way to achieve child behavior modification.  If your child is not listening and doing what is asked of him or her the first time, and you have to ask again before he or she does what is asked, then he or she will earn only two tickets. The best part is that you can determine what behavior you would like your child to achieve and you can determine how many tickets will be awarded for that behavior. Once the tickets are earned, your child can store them in his or her own bank which is included as part of the Ticket Store Game. This process reinforces the concept of saving.

Select the Rewards

There are a number of great illustrated reward cards included with the Ticket Store Game. These reward cards represent rewards that your child will earn and which are supplied by parents or teachers. Your child can choose from rewards such as ½ hour of TV time, an ice cream treat and many others. Or you and your child can make up your own reward cards on the blank cards which are included with the Ticket Store Game. This is a great opportunity to let your child play for rewards that he or she really wants. What a motivator for better child behavior!

Now The Fun Part

Going to the Ticket Store to Buy the Rewards - Once the tickets have been earned, it is time to go to the Ticket Store and buy the rewards. What a great way to have some family fun and improve your child’s behavior!  Don't live with bad behavior another day!  Get the Ticket Store Game and let the fun begin!